The Manor House Kilrea

Evening Menu


Traditional Prawn Cocktail
North Atlantic prawns served on mixed leaves, tomato, gala apple with a brandy Marie Rose sauce & wheaten bread (Gluten Free Available)
£5.95 Soup of the Day
Freshly prepared and served with a hot crispy roll
Garlic Mushrooms
Breadcrumb coated mushrooms served with garlic mayonnaise
£5.95 Tempura Prawns
Succulent Tempura Prawns served on a bed of fresh salad with a sweet chilli dip
Cheesy Garlic Bread
Grilled garlic ciabatta bread topped with lashings of cheddar
£4.95 Crispy Potato Wedges
Potato skins topped with bacon, chives and lashings of cheddar cheese, with a choice of dip
Red Thai Chicken Skewers
Served on a bed of mixed lettuce leaves with a coriander & chilli mayo (Gluten Free Available)
£5.75 Ribs
Fresh pork ribs, roasted, slow smoked served in BBQ sauce.



Sizzling Platter
Choice of chicken fillet [£15.95], fillet of beef [£15.95], king prawn [£17.95], served with sweet hickory sauce, onion, mushrooms & peppers
Sizzling Platter Combo
Why not try a combination of chicken, beef and king prawn?
Steak "On The Rock"
Your Steak is served on an extremely hot lava stone where you cook it to your own liking. Includes three dipping sauces and a side order of choice. (10oz Fillet Steak £29.95, 10oz Sirloin Steak £27.95) (Gluten Free Available)
Fillet Steak
10oz aged prime Irish fillet steak garnished with sauté mushrooms, french fried onions and peppercorn sauce (Gluten Free Available)
Manor Rump
12oz Prime Irish Rump Steak served with saute mushrooms,french fried onions & peppercorn sauce (Gluten Free Available)
£25.95 Sirloin Steak
10oz aged prime Irish sirloin steak garnished with sauté mushrooms, french fried onions and peppercorn sauce.(Gluten Free Available)
Manor Burger
8oz Prime ground Beef, cheese, cured bacon, tomato, lettuce, coleslaw, gherkin & french fried onions served with burger relish (Gluten Free Available)
£14.95 Cock & Bull*
Irish sirloin steak & chicken fillet strips, served on a bed of mash with peppercorn sauce topped with French Fried Onions (Gluten Free Available)
Beef Stroganoff
Fillets of beef, pan-fried with mushrooms, onions & garlic, finished with cream
£16.95 Philly Beef or Chicken Sandwich
Tender pieces of chicken combined or beef served with grilled peppers and onions on garlic ciabatta bread (Beef £10.95, Chicken £9.95)
Naan Pockets
Choice of chicken fillet or fillet of beef, cooked in chilli & garlic served with a salad garnish wrapped in warm naan bread
£15.95 Chicken Goujons
Breadcrumb coated chicken fillet strips, deep fried & served with garlic, barbeque or blue cheese dip
Grilled Gammon
Home baked gammon served with pineapple (fried egg £1.20 extra)(Gluten Free Available)
£14.50 Pepper Chicken
Butterfly breast of chicken pan-fried with a creamy pepper sauce (Gluten Free Available)
Hunters Chicken
Chicken Fillet with bacon and bbq sauce topped with melted grilled cheddar
£15.95 Manor Hen Burger
Breaded Chicken Fillet burger, cheese, cured bacon, tomato, lettuce, coleslaw topped with french fried onions
Bang Bang Chicken
Chicken fillet served with Thai salad, naan bread, garlic mayonnaise & satay dip
£14.95 Chicken Caesar Salad
Breast of chicken served on a bed of salad,croutons and bacon topped with parmesan
Stir Fry*
Beef or chicken [£14.95] fried with a variety of fresh veggies in soy sauce, with chilly and honey.
£15.95 Manor Chicken Curry*
Tender pieces of chicken in a creamy curry sauce, served with boiled rice


Fillet of Cod
Fresh cod coated in a light crispy batter, served with a fresh garden peas & tartare sauce
£19.95 Whitby Scampi
Breaded scampi served on a bed of fresh salad with garden peas & tartare sauce


Chicken, Spicy Sausage & Pasta Sensation*
A true flavour explosion!
£14.95 Lasagne
Made with the finest of minced beef and based on a traditional Italian recipe


Vegetarian Samosas
Potato, peas and Indian Spices, enveloped in filo pastry, deep fried and served with mango chutney
£13.95 Vegetarian Stir Fry
Variety of fresh vegetables fried in soy, chilli, honey & Bombay sauce, and served with fried rice

All Mains (*excluding Sides) are served with a choice of Chips, Garlic Fries, Garlic Bread, Sauté Potatoes or Champ

Children's Meals

Sausage, Beans & Chips£6.50 Chicken Burger & Chips
100% chicken fillet
Fish Fingers, Peas & Chips£6.50 Steak Burger & Chips£6.50
Chicken Nuggets & Chips
100% chicken fillet
£6.50 Penne Pasta Carbonara£6.50


Sauté Mushrooms£4.00 French Fried Onions£4.00
Sauté Onions£4.00 Cauliflower Mornay£4.25
Carrot & Parsnip£4.00 Side Salad£4.50
Baby boil potatoes£4.00 Sweet Potato Fries£4.00
Chilli Fries£4.00 Garlic Fries£4.00
Skinny Fries£4.00 Potato Wedges£4.00
Cream Potatoes / Champ£4.00 Sauté Potatoes£4.00
Chips£4.00 Peppered / Diane / Mushroom Sauce£4.00
Boiled Rice£4.00

Tea & Coffees

Tea£2.70 Filter Coffee£3.70
Milky Coffee£4.00 Latte / Cappuccino£3.75
Americano / Espresso£3.50 Special Coffee
Irish, Baileys, Calypso, Royal [£1.00 extra] Coffee